Malossi MHR 221 Engine
Malossi MHR 221 Engine Malossi reed cases with MHR 221 cylinder, using 60mm bell crank Dell'Orto PHBH 30 carburetor, PX gears with T5 4th gear, BGM ignition with SIP 1.6Kg flywheel and SIP Viper exhaust.
1983 PX 150 Restoration + ParmaKit 188 Tuned Engine
1983 PX 150 Restoration + ParmaKit 188 Tuned Engine ParmaKit 177 Cylinder + 60mm 110mm crankshaft, Full nut and bolt restoration, including new floor.
Disc Brake Conversion and Suspension Upgrade
Disc Brake Conversion and Suspension Upgrade All brakes and suspension for any Lambretta model can be upgraded by us to suit your budget.
Lambretta Custom 235cc Scooter
Lambretta Custom 235cc Scooter Paint by the legendary Macca of DTC in the UK. Assembled here in Australia with a Rapido Race 235cc engine. Show winning scooter.
Vintage fork rebuilds/Upgrades
Vintage fork rebuilds/Upgrades All new suspension and fittings replaced. Brakes, tyres and suspension are what keep you on the road, and keep you in one piece!
Quality performance Exhausts
Quality performance Exhausts Here we have another quality SIP Performance exhaust fitted to one of our fully restored scooters. This one is used to complement another ParmaKit engine. But are just as good on a BGM, Malossi, Pinasco, Quattrini or other quality cylinder kit. All available through Nish Scooters.
Bodywork and Panel Replacement
Bodywork and Panel Replacement All bodywork undertaken by a highly experienced scooter enthusiast, who specialises in repairing any Vespa or Lambretta frame, floor and/or full panel, floor or legshield replacement.
Custom Scooters by Nish
Custom Scooters by Nish A Vespa VBB that had been poorly restored overseas. We fully stripped and rebuilt replacing absolutely everything with only quality European parts and rebuilt the engine to a high spec 190 using a BGM cylinder. We have de-Asianised many imported scooters and are specialists in this area. We know what to look for and how to do it. And a 1968 that came as just a bare frame found under a house in Brisbane caked in decades of dust. Now it has a full disc conversion, Biturbo suspension and Pinasco engine case fitted with a Malossi MHR 221 and SIP Performance exhaust. Paint is done to match the Malossi factory helmet.
Lambretta Engine Work Undertaken
Lambretta Engine Work Undertaken We have access to all the best Lambretta parts suppliers and can meet any requirement with Lambretta engine work. From standard to fully tuned.
Vespa ParmaKit 190 Engine
Vespa ParmaKit 190 Engine Cylinder kit and ignition by Parmakit. All new and ready to race! We can do any engine you want! Or just ask for advice based on your budget.


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